Prevention of Haemorrhoids

Your lifestyle can make a difference

Be mindful about keeping unnecessary pressure off your abdomen. Even small changes in your lifestyle can make a big difference in limiting the recurrence of haemorrhoids:1

  • Get plenty of exercise. Exercise aids digestion and helps in achieving regular bowel movements. Walking and yoga are helpful ways to keep your bowel movements consistent.
  • Go to the toilet whenever you feel the need. Don’t hold it in.
  • Avoid straining during bowel movements. If constipation is a problem, use a gentle laxative.
  • Avoid sitting on the toilet longer than necessary. It can lead to the development of haemorrhoids.
  • Increase your fibre intake. Fruits, vegetables, whole-grain breads and fibre-rich cereals are good sources of fibre. By including more fibre in your diet, stools will be softer, diminishing the discomfort of bowel movements. This may also help you avoid constipation.
  • Drink plenty of fluids, especially water and fruit juices. Try to avoid coffee and alcohol which can dehydrate you and lead to constipation.

1 Mayo Clinic. Hemorrhoids. 2013. Accessed at: (July 2, 2014)